The First One


I am excited to welcome you to my blog!  This will be a place where you can engage with me in an ongoing discussion  about  Christian education, biblical worldview, contemporary events, and more.

This is not my first attempt at blogging, though blogging is something that I never thought I would do.  I first started blogging during my tenure as Executive Director of a children’s home in Virginia.  When we redesigned our web site, our Director of Communications, Krista Back–who is also my friend and an accomplished blogger herself–encouraged me to start blogging through our site.  She said it would increase traffic to the site and help to keep the content relevant.  Whether or not that happened I don’t know, but I found that I did enjoy blogging on occasion.

To be honest, the concept of blogging is a bit overwhelming.  Even though I am relatively young and generally knowledgeable about trends in technology, it still amazes me to think that I can sit at my computer and type out my thoughts on any subject and share them with the entire world.  I’m not sure if that is exhilarating or intimidating.  Probably a little bit of both….

I will not drone on right now and turn this into a lengthy introductory blog, but I will just say this in closing: I have no shortage of opinions and beliefs, and I will do my best to articulate them in clear and unoffensive language while providing the basis for my position.  I invite your interaction in this discussion through your comments and questions, but I ask that you adhere to those same general principles–be polite, and have a basis for what you’re saying.

Let the conversation begin…

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