More and More Compromise

Ken Ham, President of Answers in Genesis, and Greg Hall, together with Britt Beemer of America’s Research Group, recently published a book entitled Already Compromised. In this book the authors highlight a number of compromises on the biblical account in Genesis that are increasingly prevalent in the church. Ham describes these compromises as “attempts to add secular ideas of evolution and/or long ages into the Bible. This wave of compromise is hitting the church with even greater force today.”

Some of the examples of compromise positions being taught by church leaders and academics include these: that Adam is a metaphor for Israel, not a real person; that Genesis 1 is not a literal account of the origin of the universe but about the creation of a cosmic temple; that God took a couple of animals, gave them animal amnesia for millions of years and turned them into Adam and Eve, etc. (Ken Ham has examined such “compromised ” and erroneous approaches to the Bible in his own blog, too).

As part of the research for the book, faculty members at Christian colleges were surveyed to find out what they believe–and therefore teach their students–about biblical accuracy and the Genesis account. Without going into detail (I would encourage you to read the book!) nearly 78% of the faculty members in the religion departments of the surveyed schools hold to an old earth position, with another 7% holding to neither young nor old earth positions. That means only 15% of the religion department faculty at Christian colleges in the United States hold to the biblically-accurate young-earth position! Surprisingly (in my mind) there is a considerably higher percentage of science department faculty holding the young earth position, but that number is still only 57%.

I have written already about the importance of a biblical worldview, and I trust that these figures will serve to reinforce that for you. What I want to re-emphasize here, though, is the utmost importance of a biblical worldview. By that, of course, I mean one that is consistent with the teaching of Scripture and that holds firmly and uncompromisingly to the position that the Bible is the inerrant, inspired, authoritative, and self-consistent Word of God. Unfortunately it is not enough to simply accept a Christian worldview, because there are so many who claim to be Christians, represent themselves as Christians, and represent and/or work for Christian ministries that fail to hold to that standard. How sad for a family to send their child off to a Christian college only to have him or her inundated with anti-biblical instruction!

Instruction that is not consistent with Scripture, and at times is even aggressively opposed to Scripture, is to be expected in public and private non-Christian schools, whether at the elementary, secondary, collegiate or graduate level. But the wolf is still hiding in sheep’s clothes, and Satan is finding his way into churches and Christian schools, colleges and universities to undermine the Genesis account. Be on guard! Do your research, and know what kind of instruction your child will receive! There simply is no room for compromise.

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