Back From Hiatus

It has been well over a month since I posted last. That has not been so much by design as it has been a result of just being busy. It was summer break from school, which would certainly make one think that the schedule would be less hectic, but that was not the case. In addition to all of the things that go on around a school during the summer months to prepare for the start of a new school year, I took two graduate courses this summer and between two different trips with my family was away from home for three weeks, putting seventy-five hundred miles on our car and traveling through seventeen states. It was a great summer, and while I did on occasion think about things I would like to blog or blog about, it just never happened.

Now, however, the summer hiatus is over, school has resumed and, oddly enough, I think things may actually slow down a bit and fall back into a routine. Hopefully that will also mean I will have an opportunity to resume blogging more regularly, too. Stay tuned!

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