Back in the Saddle

Well, another unplanned hiatus from blogging has come and, now, gone. I have not posted anything in more than six weeks, the longest drought since I started blogging more than two years ago. That is not because I have decided not to blog anymore. In fact, if there was a “thought-to-text” capability I could have posted lots of times and about lots of things. Just think about all of the “stuff” that has happened in the last six weeks that I could have waxed eloquent about! Don’t worry, though, I haven’t accumulated a six-week mass of posts to dump on you. No, you’ll just have to spend the rest of your life wondering what I thought about the staged sign language interpreter at the funeral of Nelson Mandela, among other things. If I have a New Year’s resolution, though, it is to post at least 150 times in 2014, so you have plenty to look forward to in coming months.

So where have I been for six weeks, you ask? Well, more than two of those weeks were spent in a hospital. I was perfectly fine, but my wife had a cancerous mass removed. I learned a few things during that time, not least of which is that (1) there are some excellent nurses and doctors “out there” and (2) you can get extremely tired doing nothing but sitting in a hospital room all day! (Oh, and most of the things you have heard about hospital food are, well, true). Praise the Lord my wife is doing very well and the surgery appears to have been completely successful. After that it was a hectic few weeks getting caught up at work with the end of the semester and the activities of the Christmas season, then it was Christmas break, and then it was the start of the second semester. Now, other than the fact that I managed to get sick just before the semester resumed, things seem to be pretty much back to normal. That means, hopefully, that I will be posting regularly for the foreseeable future. I did not say daily, mind you, but regularly. And I have plenty to say! But I’ll start, next time, with my annual review of the books I read in the last year.

Thanks for coming back after my unscheduled absence… See you next time.

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